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Live Updates of PTI Jalsa: Imran Khan speech in Parade Ground Islamabad

In Pakistan
March 27, 2022
Live Updates of PTI Jalsa: Imran Khan speech in Parade Ground Islamabad

Pakistan: Today is 27 March 2022, PTI has organized a huge jalsa at Parade Ground Islamabad, this is one of the biggest  PTI Jalsa in the history of Pakistan. As per Senator Faisal Javed, approx 15 lakh (1.5 million) people are there, and many are outside the ground trying to reach the Jalsa Gah. Imran Khan will deliver the speech in the next few minutes. The Jalsa is called “Amar Bil Maroof”. Addressing the nation in an audio message, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the meeting taking place today is a war of Pakistan, not a war of PTI but a war for the future of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said in a message addressed to the participants of the meeting, “I have a message to all who are leaving for the meeting, hurry up, wherever you have decided to leave before you leave, I fear that there will be a rush on the roads and you will not be able to reach the meeting place.” ۔

In his audio message, the Prime Minister further said that inshallah today we have set out to make the history of Pakistan.


Live Updates of PTI Jalsa:


  • I am not making any accusation, I have evidence that he was threatened in writing, Prime Minister took a letter out of his pocket and waved it in front of Pakistanis
  • Threats are being made, let the nation and media decide how long we will continue like this?

  • Who is meeting in London? At whose behest are Pakistan’s characters following?
  • I will never bow, and will never let his country bow in front of anyone, says PM
  • This is Naya Pakistan, no old trick will function this time
  • The Pakistani nation is awake. We will not accept anyone’s slavery. We will all be friends but not slavery
  • 30 billion subsidies were given to the salaried class to build houses
  • Attempts are being made to control our country’s foreign policy from outside
  • Due to these circumstances, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged
  • I will have a lot of differences with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto but I liked his selfishness


  • Noon League committed corruption of one thousand billion rupees in building roads. I pay tribute to Murad Saeed who made the road Rs. 23 crore cheaper today as compared to 2013
  • Billions of dollars of these three rats are lying abroad
  • My parents were born in a slave India, they participated in Tehreek-e-Pakistan on their own
  • I do not give them NRO because it is commanded by my prophet that nations were ruined because their little ones were punished and big ones not PM says
  • Maryam Nawaz who has not worked for an hour in her life and Bilawal whose trembling cannot speak Urdu also wants to be a leader and threatens to cry

  • There were coal and copper mines in Balochistan, mining companies came from outside and fined Pakistan Rs.2000 billion. No government did anything but we negotiated for three years and got rid of the fine and got an investment of nine billion rupees from the same mining company
  • We talked to Tayyab Erdogan and waived the fine of Rs 200 billion
  • Pakistan has saved Rs 7 billion in gas in ten years


  • This is for the first time that a common man is getting loans from banks
  • Fifty years later, big dams are being built in Pakistan. Mohmand Dam will be built in 2025 and all of Peshawar will get water. Dasu Dam will be built in 2027. Bhasha Dam will be completed in 2028
  • Bilawal used to threaten me every day. If NAB called me, I would do it this
    I Asked what will you do Bilawal: I will cry
  • We will build a new city with Ravi, We are making the master plan for other cities too

  • The slogan of bread, cloth, the house was someone else’s, and Allah gave me the strength to fulfill it
  • Despite the difficult conditions in Corona, we saw record economic growth. Gave a historic package to the industry with record exports, record remittances, record crop production
  • The country is moving forward, for the first time the government stands with the industries
  • The way your conscience was tried to buy, I am proud of you people that you did not sell and arrived in the Jalsa
  • We collected the highest taxes in the history of Pakistan, record exports and record remittances of Pakistanis abroad, construction industry record development, facilitation to farmers
  • Pakistanis In three and a half years, no government in Pakistan has given such a good performance as our government has given
  • 70% of women in Pakistan do not get inheritance share, the state will give women share in their inheritance, I want us to give good food to domestic servants.
  • Never in the history of Pakistan has so much money been spent on the people as this government has done. Bringing projects like Health Card, Ehsas Programs, Successful Pakistan to the people
  • The whole nation has come from all corners of the country on my call, I thank you all, Prime Minister
  • We want to create a Pakistan that is independent, whose foreign policy does not need anyone, a policy that befriends the world only in peace, not in war
  • We have to make this country great by putting the passion of this nation on the right path

  • I don’t care if my government is going, but I will never forgive the opposition and will not give them NRO
  • Giving technical training to one member of each family
  • We provided health care to every family
  • The most important thing I will say at the end of the speech is related to foreign intervention in Pakistan: PM
  • Massive numbers of people in cars are still outside the Parade Ground and trying to reach

PTI Jalsa

  • We never followed the principles of the welfare State which were on the basis of Madina ki Riyasat. In Pakistan, we never followed it before! says, Khan
  • I came into politics 25 years ago for one thing, and that is following the vision of Pakistan for which it was created.
  • The whole nation has come from all corners of the country on my call, I thank you all. Prime Minister



  • Prime Minister is on stage and delivering the speech


  • There are queues of vehicles for miles and millions of people are trying to reach the venue but the whole of Islamabad is currently presenting the scene of the venue.


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